Amir Ares Biography

Born 1984, he holds B.A. degree of music. Early childhood he started by learning piano & keyboard. At teenage years he joined several small music bands and followed his career as professional keyboard player. When he reached 16 (age), by great support of his friends & family he started singing and following that, he kicked-off his first album with several well-known members but due to some reasons this never finished. At 2001, he signed a contract as singer with Avaye Mandegaar company that resulted to his first album back to 2004 called "unworthy of a bread" (حیف نون), Amir was music composer & singer of the album, when it released to the market it became one of viral of the time, later he planned for his second album with his own music & flavor that with hard-work and effort has managed the second album. Now he was singer, music composer, also mix-mastering professional working with others. At the same time he started studying Music Composing at the University of Tehran Conservator. At 2007 the second album called "I wish I was there" (جای من رو خالی کن) released and very good feedback received from his fans. Later, he released up to 30 single tracks that majority of all has been greatly liked.